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Bowen Kline grew up on the border of Detroit, just north of 8 Mile Road, in an area not only diverse in culture but also religion. His father was one of the lead interior designers in Michigan, and Kline grew up in an environment filled with oil paintings, antiques, and African art, as well as an extensive collection of books whose subjects spanned fine art, furniture, design and more; the multitudes of different cultures he was exposed to help him experiment with color and textures in his paintings. As a child, at night he would look through those books, captivated by the color and the stories being told through the paintings. This was a critical part of his development as a painter, and is still a part of how he critiques his own work. Kline always been interested in capturing "real life," and discovering the common elements everyone holds inside — those things that makes us human. His practice is motivated by a desire to peel away the false layers one builds up over time as a shield from the world and show how similar we all are to one another.