January 18 - February 9, 2019

Reception January 18, 2019, 6 - 9 PM


The Voyager will present a selection of woodblock carvings and relief prints that explore imagery from travels or expeditions imagined by the artist combined with his own symbols and stories.

Through the development of personal thematic content and conceptual ideology, Kilpatrick’s intent is to create engaging narratives that transport the viewer to imaginary epochs.

Noriyuki Misawa Shoe Collaboration with Donald Kilpatrick

Collaboration with Noriyuki Misawa

View a video of Donald Kilpatrick explaining their artistic collaboration here


“I am interested in the connection between obsolete methods and technologies. Much of the work I create is a dialogue between contemporary approaches and eras from the past.

This re-contextualization of ideas and processes has generated new interests and understandings within my studio practice, such as my interest in restoring old letterpress machines and re/creating wood type for use in printing processes, which has resulted in my combination of relief printmaking methods with everyday objects such as shoes and rolling pins.” -Donald Kilpatrick III