California-born and London, England raised, Matthew Eaton (b. 1974) is an abstract painter who explores themes of nostalgia and place using methods and materials common to graffiti, graphic design and typography. Eaton's work has been exhibited in galleries, auctions and private collections around the globe. Eaton was a founding partner in Detroit art galleries Library Street Collective and Contra Projects. Currently, Eaton is the Director and Curator of Red Bull House of Art and a partner in Uncommon Editions, both also in Detroit. Eaton considers himself a full time arts advocate working to highlight the importance of arts and culture in everyday life.

Eaton's paintings reflect his desire to connect with nature and the incredible legacy of human arts and culture spanning generations and centuries. The language, iconography, colors and messaging of our modern and ancient worlds find a home in his work as he attempts to connect the dots in his own way.


Matthew Eaton Studio

"In the end, all I can do is continue to explore how I communicate with others, using the tools and materials I'm comfortable with. For me, this is abstract painting. Elements that hint at the influence human dialogue has played in our history while reflecting the stunning visual cues time, decay and nature have thrust upon our messages are at the center of my influence."