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Malt is a self-taught artist, working and living in Metro-Detroit. Working in both aerosol and acrylic painting techniques, Malt explores themes of nature across a broad body of work. From large scale murals and installations to intimate studio work, Malt focuses on the juxtapositions posed by nature — life/death, growth/decay, strength/weakness.

Growing up in the Detroit area, Malt began his career as an artist through his passion for skateboarding, graffiti and music. Influenced by the bold lines of graffiti and skateboard graphics, Malt reimagines natural landscapes and the characters that inhabit them, building from vivid backdrops to create other-worldly scenes.



“With each process I always work from a basic concept or idea but I truly enjoy the path of the unknown, working without restrictions. I start with the idea and a basic sketch, then I lay down a background. From there I go on the adventure the brush or the can of spray paint takes me."


Mural, Grand River Blvd., Detroit