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AUGUST 23 - SEPTEMBER 21, 2019


The M Decor exhibition will feature a selection of work and mediums available through the new service, and offers a chance to see, in person, the caliber of work offered.

On Tuesday, September 10, and Wednesday, September 11, between 12 - 2 pm, interior design trade professionals are invited to join us for light refreshments and a chance to learn more about M Decor.

M Decor is a service tailored to interior design trade professionals, corporate and commercial clients who seek quality art at an affordable price. Our online galleries provide artwork in a variety of aesthetics and styles with standardized prices based on size and medium.

We select artwork from our wide-range of mostly Detroit-based artists to make up a comprehensive and easy to navigate database of images that can be customized to complement and fit any space, large or small, within budget.

Introduction to M Decor & Sample Galleries

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