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Grant Czuj (b. 1987) was born in Detroit, Michigan into a family of Polish-American auto workers. His incarceration for eight years led to his artistic practice; through the consistent inspiration of cultural and sub-cultural imagery, Czuj enjoys the curation of language that happens as images are deployed by American sub-cultures. These images are mostly sampled, and sometimes pirated from other uses, creating a hybrid vernacular. In his current research, Czuj tries to focus on the imagery surrounding the three tantamount experiences of incarceration: conviction, incarceration, and release. He does this by drawing on his own experience, and creates work that brings together carefully chosen imagery to visually define the history, lore, tropes, public ideas, and contemporary issues concerning the prison industrial complex. He works in various media, including but not limited to painting, printmaking and sculpture and is in the process of completing his degree at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.