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I had used to practice Animism (the religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence) as a child. It was a wonderful universe where everything around me had a consciousness as clear as mine. This made everything precious, worthy and emotional. I have reluctantly grown up, with the hard edges of life cutting away the loose fat, including this animistic practice.

I deeply enjoy the outdoors. Not only does it allow a break from the manipulation of Image, it is a place where I can pull from my childhood the feeling of everything around me being alive. I feel a power of sentience in the natural world, unlike that of an office or living room where the objects are more clearly inanimate. I’m exploring what it means to have a complete immersion within sentience outside of oneself.

How does this immersion effect the mundane events and ideas in comparison? How do we fit, and why should we fit within this immersion?

My personal platform for this study is the natural landscape and its connection with human consciousness. This does not mean the technique or the object of modernity isn’t included, though the stimulation of these are not the focal point. Perhaps I’m looking for what that animistic consciousness meant to me as a child. I’m wondering how unique or special that could have been as it felt quite natural to me.