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February 15 - March 16, 2019
Reception: February 15, 6 - 9 PM

Distilled presents a series of paintings that explore water. Beginning with small studies, Reid built a system of gestural movements that simulated the movement found in large bodies of water.

His intention is for the subsequent narrative created by this body of work to inspire viewers to willingly engage with water, and evoke consideration of it as tool, force and sacred treasure. Reid’s goal is to provide the viewer with a series of visual devices to facilitate the reintegration of our most important natural resource into our daily living and discourse.

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“Small studies provided me with the requisite information necessary to construct a code through which larger, more expansive works could be created. These works concerned themselves with negotiating separated components, perspectives and forms so that they might work interdependently to create a visual experience.”

-Senghor Reid