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September 14 - October 6, 2018
Reception: September 14, 6 - 9 PM

ARAF presents abstract landscape paintings documenting observations and personal interactions with specific locations in nature reconstructed from memory. Each place or experience is stretched to its absolute extreme in an effort to record these moments to memory using the farthest reaches of color, shape, texture and value.

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"While most of my earlier works address an acute interest in urban decay relating to advertising, graffiti, architecture and human interaction using man made structural reference and typography to explore their decline and finite lifespans, recent years have given way to a more intense interest in long term and sometimes incalculable time frames in which objects experience similar yet vastly more powerful forces.

The patterns represent the layers of earth, rock and minerals pulverized and forced into shapes and forms sometimes resulting in fantastic demonstrations of color theory and angular juxtaposition; the more loose and gestural markings are meant to stimulate memories of natural elements like clouds, water, trees and a multitude of biological forms. All of these visuals forming over millennia under the unflinching eye of time and extraordinary forces of gravity, weather and nature. These patient and random events result in wonders beyond compare that demonstrate the numerous forces at work but also our utter insignificance among it all.

I find great comfort and freedom in this. Fear, pain and all insecurities become invisible when held up to the light of truth, yet hope, love and curiosity become more clear."